Monday, December 18, 2006

Leader and Follower

In order to justify the risk in pursuing a course the leaders and the followers must:
1) Believe in the cause
2) Trust that there is an opportunity for success
3) Believe that the outcome is worth the cost
4) Believe that upon success he will receive his reward

The cause has to be motivating and be aligned with one's goals, responsibilities, or beliefs. The cause should be fully disclosed naming all parties and interests concerned.

There needs to be a real opportunity to succeed. For the follower success includes the allowance to act in the best manner, using one's faculties and skills, being respected, and having a voice that is heard. For the leader success includes the trust that the followers will act in the best manner, using their's faculties and skills, showing respect, and speaking when something needs to be said. The followers will do what they agreed to do and the leaders will do likewise.

There must be a belief that the outcome is worth the cost.

There must be a belief that at the journeys successful end that you will receive your wages. The follower expects the leader to reward them as agreed and that the leader will protect the follower's interests. The leader is in a position of trust and can not violate that trust by hiding the full agenda or by bowing to the interests of unnamed or undisclosed parties.

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