Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Design by Use to the rescue... AGAIN

Just a quick note. Yesterday I was bogged down in a serious piece of code re-work. It was the changing of part of a framework. Since it is a framework, everything built on it is affected by change.

I was changing from an Event based model to what I term a "usage" based model. Remembering the advice of Stroustrup that resource acquisition is allocation I used this knowledge to begin to make the changes. I became stuck very quickly. Stuck in the overwhelming amount of code and all of the many classes that had overridden these framework interfaces.

Once again I remembered, Design by Use. When I did this the paralysis ended and the solution began flowing. I started at the level from which the new model/framework would be called and I wrote the code as if the new framework already existed. Often the old code was harvested into the new methods where appropriate. Everything flowed and it was more like writing new code with no dependencies than re-working code. Why? Because that is what it became, new code!

All of you must try Design by Use! It has really made a difference for me. When ever you are stuck try it out!

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