Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What can I do to help us succeed?

Have you ever been working on some difficult issue and have someone come up and say "What can I do to help us succeed?"

I am not going to talk about the "peace and love" version of this story where everyone magically finds synergy because caring people have joined together.

"What can I do to help us succeed?" Some of the possible responses are :
  1. "Us, where did this 'Us' come from?"
  2. "Nothing, shut up and quit bugging me!"
  3. "You caused this mess I am fixing, get out of my face!"
  4. "You could find a new job!"
  5. "Do you know of any companies hiring?"
  6. "You could learn to mind your own business."
  7. "Instead of talking about how we might work around here, why don't you just let me work like I know how!"
Sometimes the above responses may be the correct response. However it might not be wise to say these things out loud.

When someone is under stress trying to get something done that is urgent a well intending person might interrupt with the question "what can I do to help us succeed". This well intending person needs to realize that a response like one of those listed above may be accurate and the best thing to do to help is to stop asking or looking for ways to inject themselves into the solution and allow the situation to run its course.

Does that make sense?

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